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Date:  September 18, 2018  

<p> <strong> <font color="purple">Gardasil 9 HPV Changes - Starting September 1st</strong></p></font> <p>Effective September 1st, Gardasil9 will now be available in syringes (10 pack) and vials will no longer be distributed. <p>Thank you! (08/30/2018)

<p> <strong> <font color="blue">EXPANDED AGE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SOME FLU VACCINES FOR 2018-19!</strong></p></font> <p><strong>Flulaval</strong> and <strong>Fluarix</strong> have expanded age recommendations; a 0.5 ml dose is indicated for children age 6 months through 18 years. <p>This is different from <strong>Fluzone</strong>, which has 2 presentations depending on age - a 0.25 ml dose for 6 months to 35 months and a 0.5 ml dose for 3 years through 18 years. <p><strong>Flucelvax</strong> is a 0.5 ml dose licensed for 4 years through 18 years. <p><strong>Please be sure to clearly mark bins and baskets in your storage units and check product labels carefully to avoid administration errors!</strong> <p>Thank you! (08/20/2018)

<p> <strong> <font color="orange">SHINGRIX&reg; Available</strong></p></font> <p>Shingrix Available May 1st . NHIP has these presentations loaded into VOMS for adult ordering: <p>Shingrix, ZOSTER; SDV; 1-dose, NDC: 58160-0819-12 <p>Shingrix, ZOSTER; SDV; 10-dose pack, NDC: 58160-0823-11 <p>ACIP recommends two doses of Shingrix&reg;, given intramuscularly, separated by 2 to 6 months for immunocompetent adults age 50 years and older. <p><strong> <font color="RED">UPDATE 08/20/18</strong></font>: NHIP gets limited quantities of Shingrix each month. Contact the Program for availability. </b><p>Thank you! </p>
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