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Date:  April 26, 2017  

<p> <strong> <font color = "purple">UH-OH...</strong></p></font> Some users have called the VaxNH Helpline with an issue involving access to VaxNH. This COULD be due to an incomplete URL in the browser address line. Please be sure that the URL you have entered to get to VaxNH is <strong>https://www.vaxnh.org/nhsiis.</strong> <p>If you are still encountering issues, please give us a call at 603-271.4028.</p> <p>Thanks. (01/24/17)</p>

<p> <strong> <font color="C967C5">PENTACEL UPDATE</strong></p></font> <p>The Pentacel allocation has been lifted for all State programs. You are free to order quantities appropriate to your patient population. If your practice transitioned to Pediarix during this allocation process and plans to transition back to using Pentacel, please be sure to utilize all of the Pediarix that your practice has been using over the last 14 months.</p> <p>Thank you. (01/24/17)</p>

<p> <strong> <font color="green">99999 LOT NUMBERS</strong></p></font> <p>Many of you will have noticed that on your reconciliation page are two <q>dummy</q> vaccines with a lot number of <q>99999</q>, an expiration date quite a ways out, and a quantity of 0. These are placeholders for inventory for flu vaccine. They have no effect on any of your inventory. The vendor placed these dummy lot numbers in order to be able to capture the 2016 flu NDCs for the VTrckS file creation when you submit your inventory. The vendor will remove them once the 2016 flu season is over. </p> <p>If you see these lot numbers, do not remove them. If you have removed these in error, please let the VaxNH team know so that we can put them back in and your inventory will be fully listed in the VTrckS file. You can email us at vaxnh@dhhs.state.nh.us or call us at 603.271.4028.</p> <p>Thank you! (10/19/16)</p>
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