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Date:  September 15, 2019  

<big><strong><font color = #FF8C00>2019 FLU ORDERING</font></strong></big> <p>Ordering for this season's influenza will begin <big><strong><font color = DC381F>SEPTEMBER 9, 2019</font></strong></big>. <p> Flu can be ordered under the flu order set on the ordering page and not the standard order set - either PEDIATRIC FLU or ADULT FLU ONLY, depending on what PIN you are ordering vaccines. Once the order is placed a pop-up will appear asking for an explanation of the ordering frequency. Select "Other" and enter "Flu" in the comments section. <p>NHIP staff will be processing orders continuously <big><strong>AFTER</big></strong> the start date of September 9, 2019. <p> Thank you. (9/5/19)

<big><strong><font color = #DC381F>PASSWORD RESET</font></strong></big> <p>We here at NHIP have noticed a number of password resets. Must just be the time of year. Please remember that you have three tries to enter the system before you are locked out for an hour. Even if you expire your three tries and call us for a reset, you must wait an hour before you can go back into the system and try again. (Much like going into the water after you have eaten lunch.) What can you do? If after two tries &#8208 and you KNOW you entered the correct information &#8208 call us on the Helpline at 603.271.4028 and we can reset your password before you exhaust all your attempts.</p> <p>If you have just plain forgotten your password, again, don&#146t exhaust your tries or you will have to wait an hour even if we reset the password for you.</p> <p>Thank you (7/8/2019)

<strong><font color=teal>Reconciliation Process Update</font></strong> <p>Effective Oct 20, VOMS users should only be receiving orders in the Create/View Orders page and performing reconciliation for doses that are administered, wasted or expired, as appropriate, please contact NHIP if there's any other reason that you need to change the numbers. <p>If there are issues with lot numbers not displaying the correct quantity, or there's a need to add a State-funded lot number to inventory, etc., please call VaxNH at 603.271.4028 and we will make the adjustments for you. <p>As a reminder, all providers are strongly encouraged to reconcile their inventory at least monthly, even if you are not placing an order. This best practice will minimize reconciliation issues or alert you to issues when they can be addressed more easily. <p>Thank you (11/14/2018)
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